What Does The Business Card Symbolize in American Psycho?

If you have seen the film American Psycho then you would know that the business card scene is an iconic one, it perfectly portrays the character’s illogical ego, self-centered behavior and psychopathic patterns, however there is more to scene and there are a few interpretations that one can extract, the business card scene is such a well-crafted that one would easily understand what the entire movie is about just by watching that one scene, though people also focus on the card itself and it became such a hit, friends at Metal Kards printing service providers tell me that they get orders of that particular type of card till date but it is not about that, the focus is on what the character’s strange desires are and surprisingly so the psychopath’s desires aren’t any different from the ordinary men who are not psycho.

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The scene initiates when Paul Allen first impresses everyone that he has the “Fisher” account and everyone seems to talk about it and how he pulled it off and when he is leaving he is also boastful about the lavish reservation he has made in a desirable restaurant which sounds pretty expensive, half of them don’t believe it to be true while others were simply jealous of him, not being able to bear all of that, Patrick Bateman pulls out his business card hoping to impress everyone, this symbolizes the fact that we are always looking for appreciation and the desire of a psychopath is portrayed even in the smallest of details but those who wanted to take lessons from the movie realize that the desires of others wasn’t too different from a psychopath, maybe the only difference there is between them and a psychopath is that he takes it to a different level and goes on a killing spree.

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